Thursday, December 2, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman with a Sewing Machine!

Feeling Stichy posted this cute saying and I couldn't wait to share it with all my on-line sewing peeps! Another business trip has kept me far..far away from my sewing projects. Tonight was "hang out" on line night and I got caught up with the sewing blog community. Here's some are some of the highlights of my travels through the cyber sewing space.

...turning back time with a little vintage
I absolutely adore Evie's vintage creation. Such an elegant dress in a radiant blue. Sew amazing! She even has the perfect finishing touches, love the shoes and the seamed stockings. The weather is cooling off and Lemondrop Vintage is cuddling up with the soon to arrive little lemondrop in a cozy vintage sweater.

One less UFO -
How many of us have a few UnFinishedObjects in our stash. Sewing projects that we started; but never finished. Paul Simon sings about 50 Ways to Leave your Lover. There must be at least 50 ways to recover that UFO...just slip into the stash...make a new plan... Check out Sharon's project from two years ago that she recently finished. Great job on such an unique skirt.

New Looks from Old Patterns
I just adore it when I see new styles adapted from old patterns. The caftan pattern that the writer of The Sew Convert Blog used to create her fabulous tops from reminds me of a caftan pattern that my mom used to make caftans for me, my sister, my aunt and herself. The new look to an old style is a great example of how creative you can get with sewing patterns.

A new seamstress.
I love it when I hear about little ones being inspired to sew. I started sewing early. Harvey's Seat Belt Blog shared a story of an up an coming seamstress. What is Harvey's Seat Belt Blog all about? If you're into handbags...and I do love have to check these guys out. In 1997, when installing seat belts in a 1950's Buick, they came up with the idea of making a matching seat belt. Now they make hundreds of seat belt bags. So cool!

Speaking of Handbags, I recently discovered The Miche Bag. A handbag with interchange able shells. I'm wondering if any bloggers out there have tried making custom shells for the Miche Bag.'s getting late and I have another presentation tomorrow, so...
Type at you later!

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  1. I found you via comments at the Sewing Dork! I am also a Canadian sewing enthusiast (among other things :)