Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Helps for Troubled Sewers...Your Sewing Problem?

I think I spend more time reading sewing books and reading sewing patterns than I do sewing.  And I love reading vintage pattern books and instruction sheets.   Today when I was digging through the closet trying to find the Christmas wrapping paper I was slightly distracted by a couple of Vintage sewing books.   I had to chuckle at the subtitle on the cover...Helps for Troubled Sewers and on the back Your Sewing Problem? bring it to SINGER....  This lovely Simplicity Sewing Book was published in 1935 and the cover sounds more like an invitation to attend a support meeting than a sewing book.

Some things never change, here is some advice regarding pattern sizing from page 10 "Don't, however, think you live and die the same size...Check these measures once each season.  Your ready to wear size does not help you here."  

And some things do change, from page 26 "MACHINE STITCHING is recommended for all seams.  If you have no machine, ask a friend to stitch your dress, or take it to a machine store"  I wonder how responsive my local sewing machine dealer would be if  I took my sewing project to them for stitching.   Any bloggers out there willing to give this a try?  ....I double dare you ;-)



  1. Stitching away at a sewing machine store? Highly unlikely scenario. There are some places now that do set up with sewing machines for rent on the premises - a very good way to get people hooked on sewing if they're not yet sure that they wish to invest in a sewing machine for home.

  2. Interesting, I have had to rent an embroidery machine before from a friend for $30 a day when I took mine for tuning and I had over 15 towels to embroider on for a client. it worked out so well, and that made me more productive, than using mine

  3. I wouldn't be really happy to stitch a dress for my friend either, lol. I don't have enough time to stitch my own things....

  4. I have inherited some of my great-grandmothers sewing implements, patterns, and notions. There is something about vintage items that just feels more real.

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