Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Zipper Day!

OK, truth be told, I missed it. April 28th is when we should celebrate Zipper Day; it marks the date that the zipper was launched.

What does one do to celebrate zipper day?
  • create something with a zipper
  • use as many articles as possible using a zipper
  • have all items with broken zippers fixed
  • tell everyone it is zipper day and go out to celebrate
  • take a course on installing zippers
  • learn how to say zipper in as many languages as possible.

Belated Happy Zipper Day!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Number Four, the Bee Finale

Well here it is, episode number four.  What a great series, and rumour has it that there will be another season.

This one was my favourite episode.   Ann is truly spectacular, she has style and she has skill.  Sandra truly loves to sew and her skill shines in this episode as well.   Lauren, amazes me.  She's so young, and although unsure of her ability at times she continues to grow in the complexity of her projects and the results are highlighted in this episode.

I agree with the judges that Ann is truly he best seamstress; but I was secretly cheering for Lauren.  Why? Considering her age and experience she definitely has the eyes and the hands of a seamstress.    When I watched both Lauren and  Tilly in this series, I often found myself reflecting back to when I was younger and although my sewing skills weren't always the best, I wasn't afraid to tackle more complex projects that would allow my skills to grow.  

Well done Sewing Bee participants!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Have you seen Number Three of The Bee

Episode three, of the Great British Sewing be was aired on Tuesday this week and posted to You Tube on Wednesday.   If you haven't seen it yet you can see it here.

Like many bloggers, I'm hooked!  I really hope that they have more to come.    Episode three was bittersweet, we had to say good bye to another contestant, Stuart.   The projects were very creative and well done.  I really admire the participants and their ability to crank out a their projects in a limited time span, especially the jackets.  

I'm looking forward to the forth episode and seeing the projects come to life.

Happy Sewing,

Friday, April 19, 2013

Free Pattern Friday!

I know it's late in the day, but I just discovered Free Pattern Friday on Craftsy

Today I was able to claim this cute pattern.    I'm sure that I have something in my stash to make this!

Happy Sewing

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Now Showing - Episode 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee

Now available for your viewing pleasure, episode 3 of the Bee on You Tube. 


Thank you to the BBC for putting these up on You Tube, so that the rest of the world can enjoy!
Happy viewing and happy sewing

Monday, April 15, 2013

Liebster Award

I received a Liebster award!  Ellen of It's Sewing life nominated my blog.  Thank you Ellen!

OK, to be honest I had no idea what the word Liebster even meant.  A quick Google search revealed that it's a German word meaning darling; beloved, liked very much; affectionate, loving favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others.
The award comes with some homework:

1. Answer the 10 questions that were asked by the person who nominated you.
2. Nominate 10 new bloggers that inspire YOU.  Usually, these will be bloggers with 200 followers or less.
3. Ask those bloggers 10 questions of your choice 

Ellen asked me the following questions:
How much time a week/day do you spend on your blog?
I haven't been real consistent with my  blog, my I've resolved to spend a couple hours a week getting my thought out there.
Do you feel like you need to explain yourself if you don't blog for awhile?
Yes, I feel it lets my readers know that I'm a real person and that I'm out here.
How much time a day to you spend READING other people's blogs?
That varies, but I usually spend at least couple of hours reading other blogs, even when I'm not posting, I'm out there in blog world.  I recently got the BlogLovin iphone app, so I can read posts from almost anywhere. 
These awards posts can be time-consuming. Do you cringe a little when you get these kinds of awards? ;)
Not really, as long as the questions are well thought out.  They help encourage posting, and some of the questions can be thought provoking.
Besides reading blogs and writing on your own blog, do you spend a lot of time on the computer?
My day job is in IT, so I'm not going to even try to put a number on it.
Is sewing your primary creative outlet?
What are some of your other creative endeavors?
I enjoy beadwork, various crafts and LEGO. 
Do you join sew a longs?
I haven't joined any sew a longs...yet.  I love following them though.  My only challenge is that my job involves travel, which means I'm away from my sewing machine during the week.
Do you participate in other types of online challenges (sewing or otherwise)? What are they?
Not yet...but it's something I've been considering.  It might be a good motivation for me to sew more
Do you usually complete these challenges or sew along s? Why or why not?  Does not apply...yet.

My nominees, go check them out...

Virginia's Sew Blessed Daughter
Rainy Day Art
Cheap and Picky
The Quirky Peach
The Diligent Dilettante
FrouFrou by lovenicky
The Perfect Pear Pair
110 Creations
Caravan of Beads

Questions for my nominees...
  1. What are your favorite types of projects to undertake?
  2. If a project doesn't turn out as well as you expected, do you still blog about it?  Why or why not?
  3. What project are you most proud of, post a link to the project if you blogged about it?
  4. Why do you blog?
  5. How do you stay inspired to create?
  6. Do you usually have one project on the go, or are you a multi-project person?
  7. Confession time...what is your oldest UFO --- Unfinished Object, and how long has it been since you've worked on it?
  8. What is your favorite colour?
  9. How many times a week do you blog?  Do you think this is too much or too little?
  10. Who inspires you?

Happy sewing and happy blogging

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Craftsy Review

Many of you by now have heard about Craftsy, and I'm sure many have tried their on-line courses.   They have a variety of learn it and make it courses, including several sewing courses.  The courses are hosted by a variety of popular sewing experts including Sandra Betzina, Linda Lee, Kenneth King and many more. 

I really like their platform, you learn through a series of video workshops that you can take at your own pace.  The videos are broken down into modules that allow you work through smaller chunks  which I find helpful as I don't the have luxury of devoting larger blocks of time to taking a course. They also have an iPhone & iPad app that allows you to take their courses with you; I can review the course content while waiting for a flight or while sitting in the doctor's or dentist's office.  They also have a Q&A section and a place for students to post their completed content.

The pricing of the course varies by content.  There are smaller courses available for free and others that vary in price, most are under $50.  Some include the patterns, others do not.   They also feature classes and sale prices that have ranged from 20% to 75% off.  And you can view the course as many times a you want.

I've signed up for a number of courses and have completed viewing the content for Design Your own Handbag, with Brett Bara and Design and Sew an A Line Skirt with Deborah Moebes.   I haven't started my skirt project yet, but I have picked out my fabric and drafted the pattern for my handbag.   Stay tuned for more updates on my projects as well as more specific course reviews.

Have fun learning and Happy Sewing!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Here it is, Episode 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee

Here it is, another two days of intense sewing in London and three challenges.   Intense it was, four hours to sew a pair of men's trousers and six hours to make a blouse. Watch the ladies check out the guys to see how the waistbands should be put together; was it just an excuse to check out their bottoms?  We also get a great history lesson on tailoring.  I was sad to see Tilly go, the blouse that she created was absolutely adorable.   But, we don't have to say goodbye to Tilly as we can always follow her on her blog

Next week, it's the semi finals
Happy Sewing!

Tilly has left the Bee

I haven't been able to find the 2nd episode on You Tube to view it here in Canada, but I've heard lots of buzz about the show on various blogs.   Tilly herself has blogged about the show, and will be having special guests soon.  Follow this link toTilly's blog and get the scoop directly from her.

Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I can't see the Bee...

So, this week I discover the Great British Sewing Bee on YouTube, and I'm hooked. I was set to catch episode 2 via BBC on-line tonight, only to find out that I'm unable to watch via the BBC on-line from Canada.  What a let down....

So all I can do is read about it on the Metro news web page.  Tilly and Mark have become the latest amateur sewers to depart Great British Sewing Bee.   I'm really hoping the remaining epsidodes make it to You Tube soon.

Cheers and Happy Sewing

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sewing Revival

The BBC has launched a new program and claims that there is a sewing revival in the works.  Do you agree?   It's very exciting to see a renewed interest in the art of sewing.  I wasn't able to find the BBC program, The Great British Sewing Bee on BBC Canada, but thanks to YouTube you can view the first episode.   The Great Sewing Bee on YouTube

What are your thoughts, is there a sewing revival on the horizon?