Monday, May 7, 2012

Should I Trust the Instructions?

This past weekend I cut my next project Kwik Sew 3749.  I'm making view C, a lined bag that has long straps that tie. The lining shows on the straps.  I've chosen a orange home dec fabric, and lining it with a orange and cream quilting cotton.  The home dec fabic has a subtle tone on tone design woven into it.   I've been sewing for a long time and usually don't have any trouble visualizing what is happening in the instructions.  If I like the method I go with the instructions, if I don't then I pick something else. 

This time however, I'm having trouble visualizing what is happening in the instructions.  I'm OK until about halfway and then I just can't see the project coming together.    So, now I'm questioning the route I should take, should I use a tried an true method, or go with the flow of the instructions.  By going with the flow I could learn a totally new awesome method, or it could be a complete flop.   I tried searching  to see if anyone made this luck.   Decisions...decisions...

What about you, do you always trust the instructions?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Look 6892 Completed & Pattern Review

After sitting in my sewing room as UFO (UnFinished Object) for several months,  I finally found the motivation to complete this top.   Here's my Pattern Review

Pattern Description: Misses easy to sew tops.

Pattern Sizing: Sizes 6-16

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it? Yes

Were the instructions easy to follow? Very easy to follow

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern? Didn't like the bias tape for a casing along the neckline. Worked OK for me because I was able to get a reasonable colour match, but would consider self fabric if I couldn't.

Fabric Used: Embroidered cotton batiste/gauze

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: left out the ribbon tie because I want to wear it with a long necklace & pendant. The ribbon might make it too busy.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others? Yes

Conclusion: Great Pattern,  easy to sew.  Would make a great beginner project.  Thinking about making the short sleeve version for summer.   A longer version would make a great beach cover up.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Congrats to Gertie.

I haven't been doing much sewing lately, but I have been lurking in the background.   That's not to say sewing hasn't been on my mind, I've been lurking behind the scenes reading blogs, reviews on pattern review and buying way too many patterns on-line.  The $1.99, $2.99 & $3.99 pattern sales from club BMV hook me in every time!

Many of you bloggers out there have heard of Gertie from Gertie's Blog for Better Sewing.  Today she announced her new book;   Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing: A Modern Guide to Couture-Style Sewing Using Basic Vintage Techniques.    I've been following Gertie's blog for a couple of years now and I'm excited to hear her new book is now available for pre-order on (and also  I placed my pre-order.  Now's the tough part, waiting for September.

For those of you on Pintrest, I've started a Sewing Pin Board.  You can follow me Here.

Happy Sewing!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Very Pintresting

I've been sidetracked by Pintrest. Now I have an electronic way of tagging blogs, patterns, tutorials and other sites that I want to go back to later.  Through pintrest I've disovered new bloggers and some new projects I'd like to try.  I now have a to-do list that's really long.   My challenge is prioritizing my projects.  I'm thinking that a few quick and easy projects may get my sewing mojo back.  And then of course there's a bunch of new sew projects that look really fun.   Here are some samples

Merrick's Slouchy Top tutorial

Make a frilly scarf from a XL-TShirt
Sew many great ideas so little time...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

...back at it!

Yes! I did get a chance to sew this month.  After catching up on the pile of non-creative projects...ya know, hemming pants, returning rouge buttons to their shirts and bits of mending, I finally found some time to get things rolling on a sewing project.   Awhile back, I blogged about New Look 6892.    I resurrected the project.   Here's a photo of the work in progress.   The pattern is going together quite quickly and so far I'm pleased with the results.  Usually when I'm making gathered sleeves I sew the elastic directly to the fabric, this time I opted to follow the pattern instructions and create a casing using bias tape.  I was very pleased with the results, no bulk.

And a bit of non sewing fun to share...snowshoeing.   We're so lucky to live a short drive from the Rocky Mountains.   A couple of weeks ago we ventured a hour west to Kananaskis Country.  Winter in Kananaskis Country - Simply Spectacular. In 1955 the Pocaterra Dam and Hydro plant was constructed in Kananaskis country. The wooden penstock (large pipe) that carries water from the dam to the power plant leaks and sprays water. In the winter these amazing ice sculptures are formed. The utility company has determined that the penstock has reached the end of it's useful life and will be replacing it with one that doesn't leak this spring. So good bye ice sculptures...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's been a while

Yes, it has.  When it comes to sewing, the past six months hasn't been fruitful.   Somehow the rest of my life seemed to overtake my sewing space.   Today I made it into my sewing room and cleaned the pile of stuff off of my sewing table.  Most of it non-sewing stuff.  It's amazing how other things seem to migrate there.     I recently purchased a few new patterns for upcoming projects, a trip to the fabric store is still in order.   Here's some of the patterns I've picked out.   Butterick 5638,   I'm wanting to make a nice simple sleeveless dress that I can dress up with heels or casual flats.   I haven't picked out a fabric yet, but my thoughts are to find a nice shade of purple or blue in a solid fabric with a bit of texture.

Next on my list is McCalls 6116, view B in a chambray or lightweight denim for summer. Perhaps jazzing it up with some metal buttons or contrasting buttons.  It's February, enough of winter....time to think about summer. 

I'm not in need of a new Jean Jacket, but I really liked  the look of McCalls 5860 in a print.  Perhaps I'll find the perfect print for this.   Thinking of something an abstract or geometric print.   I'd like to be able to pair it with either jeans or black capri pants.

I love handbags and totes!  And so I couldn't leave Butterick 5658 behind.  I definitely want to try out both styles.   I like the stripes with the floral print in view B.   We're off to Hawaii in March and I'm hoping that I can bring back some funky Hawaiian print fabric to make one of these cute totes.   If anyone has any recommendations for places to find traditional Hawaiian print fabrics island of Oahu, let me know.

Happy Sewing!