Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Project Completed...what's next.

This week's sewing project for Operation Christmas Child is complete.   Here's photo of the four pairs of shorts.   We've filled the shoe boxes with school supplies, some toiletries and now we just need to get a few small toys and our packages are complete. 

What's next...I have a ton of sewing projects in the queue, but I'm stalling on what to start next.   Here in Canada winter is quickly approaching, but my mind is on my January vacation to the Dominican Republic so I"m thinking more in terms of summer clothes. 

I've also got a few small projects to tackle as well.  My husband has asked me to shorten the sleeves on a few of his Eddie Bauer shirts.  I love the fabric that they use for the Eddie Bauer wrinkle resistant shirts.  So I"m thinking the that I may just recycle the excess fabric.  Yesterday, I discovered a blog called noodlehead and found a cute gathered clutch pattern.

What's next...decisions...decision...

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  1. Great job on the shorts. Each child will be so happy to receive them in their shoebox. The kid's club I volunteer with will be participating in this project too! Have fun deciding on your warm weather projects.