Monday, May 24, 2010

Fashions from Anthropologie
I recently discovered a site called Anthropologie, many of the fashions here remind me of the romantic styles of the 70's. I especially like the Sky Stories Blouse (blue), it reminds me so much of handkerchief blouses that were so popular then. Sewing classes in Home Ec produced many versions of a similar style. I'm really happy to see that that border prints are back. Now if I could just find something similar in the fabric stores here in Canada. The Lucinda Blouse (white) reminds me of another one of my learn to sew projects, only mine was pink with ecru lace trim. Sew lovely indeed!


Sewing Diploma

Project complete! My moms sewing diploma is framed. I went with a very classic black frame, with the detail on the frame picking up some of the detail in the diploma itself. Rather than going for a plain matting, I selected a simple textured pattern. I think it turned out lovely, and will be proudly displayed in my sewing room. Looking at it brings back many memories of my mom teaching me sew and spending many hours with me helping me refine my sewing skills.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update on the Sixty Year old Unfinished Project

Just wanted to give ya'll an update on the framing of my mom's sewing diploma. Yes it's back from the framers and it looks fabulous. I promise to post a photo in the next week or so.
Stay tuned...Christiana

Sewing Pattern Junkie

Confession...I'm a sewing pattern junkie. My collection extends beyond three digits. And lately I've been on a series of business trips, I'm in the fifth week of six. So what's a girl to do when she's having trouble sleeping and her sewing machine is miles away. Surf the web and check out the sewing sites. This weeks I've been perusing the sewing pattern sites and I've got my eye on McCalls 6123, it's a Kay Whitt Design for A Line tunic and dress. I can envision many variations of this style. Summer prints dress in red and white, a cute tunic in an ethnic print and a great holiday dress in a jewel tone satin, with a slightly different shade accenting the bottom, perhaps a few beads along the neckline...oh the ideas just keep flowing on this one.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No Sewing

Well not much progress on the sewing front. Work has been keeping me away from my sewing room...very far away. First Vancouver, then Winnipeg and this week Toronto. The time away has allowed me to catch up on other blogs and I must say there's a lot of great sewing blogs out there. YIPPEE....the art of sewing is still alive.

I also discovered the pattern review site Loads of great information, one can spend days there...