Sunday, April 28, 2013

Number Four, the Bee Finale

Well here it is, episode number four.  What a great series, and rumour has it that there will be another season.

This one was my favourite episode.   Ann is truly spectacular, she has style and she has skill.  Sandra truly loves to sew and her skill shines in this episode as well.   Lauren, amazes me.  She's so young, and although unsure of her ability at times she continues to grow in the complexity of her projects and the results are highlighted in this episode.

I agree with the judges that Ann is truly he best seamstress; but I was secretly cheering for Lauren.  Why? Considering her age and experience she definitely has the eyes and the hands of a seamstress.    When I watched both Lauren and  Tilly in this series, I often found myself reflecting back to when I was younger and although my sewing skills weren't always the best, I wasn't afraid to tackle more complex projects that would allow my skills to grow.  

Well done Sewing Bee participants!

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