Monday, May 7, 2012

Should I Trust the Instructions?

This past weekend I cut my next project Kwik Sew 3749.  I'm making view C, a lined bag that has long straps that tie. The lining shows on the straps.  I've chosen a orange home dec fabric, and lining it with a orange and cream quilting cotton.  The home dec fabic has a subtle tone on tone design woven into it.   I've been sewing for a long time and usually don't have any trouble visualizing what is happening in the instructions.  If I like the method I go with the instructions, if I don't then I pick something else. 

This time however, I'm having trouble visualizing what is happening in the instructions.  I'm OK until about halfway and then I just can't see the project coming together.    So, now I'm questioning the route I should take, should I use a tried an true method, or go with the flow of the instructions.  By going with the flow I could learn a totally new awesome method, or it could be a complete flop.   I tried searching  to see if anyone made this luck.   Decisions...decisions...

What about you, do you always trust the instructions?

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  1. sorry I am commenting so late - the bage is probably long finished but I love Kwik Sew so I would trust the instructions.