Tuesday, April 12, 2011

...where does the time go

Writers block, sewer's block...not exactly. I've been so busy reading all the great blogs out there I've been neglecting both my sewing and and writing on my own blog.

First item on my things to tell you is that Pattern review has published their first book on Kindle.  If you own a kindle or other e-reader I'm sure you're happy to hear this too.   There are tons of sewing books out there, but not too many for the Kindle.  Check out the link on the pattern review website

On the cutting table this week is Jalie 2910, Women's Faux-Wrap Top.  The fabric I've chosen is a black knit in a cotton Lycra blend.  The fabric is solid black with grey flowers embroidered on it.  I'll be sure to post photos for you.  It will be my first Jalie pattern.  I've been wanting to try out a Jalie pattern for several years now.  How long you ask....I actually purchased my first Jalie pattern in the '90s and I'm pretty sure it's buried in my pattern stash.  How do I know it's there? I'm a pattern junkie, and unless a pattern proves to be a real blooper, it remains safe and sound in my collection.   I'll be sure to scan it and post in on my blog, you never know maybe someone out in blog land can share a pattern review on the "near vintage" Jalie pattern.

Sew what's been keeping you busy these days?


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