Friday, April 15, 2011

Jalie Pattern...vintage or not?

Earlier this week, I showed you my progress on my first Jalie pattern.  However, this wasn't the first time I planned to sew a Jalie pattern.  Back in the '90s I purchased this pattern; Jalie 926.  I've seen some bloggers referring to 1980's and even some 1990's patterns as vintage patterns.  I'm wondering at what point does a sewing pattern become a vintage pattern.  This one is circa 1992.

I still like this pattern and I'm thinking that I might sew it up in a wind resistant, water repellent technical fabric to use for walking/hiking/biking pants.  However, I'm still waiting for the right fabric in the right colour to present itself to me.

Come to think of it, this pattern junkie has several patterns waiting for the right fabric to magically appear.  How many of you are still waiting for this magic to happen?



  1. That's a good question! I was a bit tickled to notice the recently running vintage sewalong allowed any patterns pre-1995, by which definition yours would definitely qualify. Personally, I feel that 70s= vintage while 80s does not, but that may just be bias based on my own life experience (I was alive in the 80s but not the 70s). Part of me feels that vintage incorporates something of the "spirit of a bygone era", though, in which case we'd have to admit 80s patterns and maybe even some early 90s ones....

  2. Oh, yes, a good question ... I read something online about it lately, someone said to call "vintage" to something you have from six months ago, I laughed a lot.