Friday, December 6, 2013

McCalls Early Spring Collection

McCalls recently published their early spring collection.   I'm wondering if they also ship an early spring along with the patterns, we're in a deep freeze here with temperatures dipping to -30C before you account for the wind chill factor and -42C if you include it.!

The collection can be found here McCalls early spring collection.

I adore the fabric in M6883.   I'm not really interested in the pattern because it's such a basic style and I'm sure I have similar patterns in my stash.  But, dear McCalls do tell me where I can find the fabric.

I'm also drawn to M6905, what a cute duo of tote bag designs from Tiny Seamstress Designs. 

I can hardly wait for spring...what about you?

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  1. Yes I would like spring too ! The weather here in Edmonton is terrrible. Yesterday we didn't even warm up from the overnight temps.