Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where does the time go?

Wow I can't believe its been over three weeks since I last posted on my blogs.  After two business trips to Ottawa, a lovely holiday in the Dominican Republic and a three hour road trip to visit family I finally find my self at home sweet home.  I had said to myself that I would find some time while on the road to connect with my fellow bloggers.  But, actions did not follow good intentions...yes, I've been a bad blogger.  

While in the Dominican Republic, my swimsuit cover up that I made in December got the wear test.   What is the wear test you ask?  Not only does a garment have to look good when you try it on, but it needs to be totally functional and wearable.   Test number one,  low maintenance after being rolled up in a suitcase for hours and hours...passed.  Survived a day at the beach...passed.  Still looks good after a few trips to the pool...passed.  Coordinates with beach towel assigned by hotel....bonus points.   Comfortable to wear all day, no pulling riding, falling off the shoulders...passed.   Survived the trip home and the first run through the washing machine, no fabric wear, pilling or seams that need reinforcing...passed.  Ahhh....success.   After going through my vacation photos, I realized that I hadn't captured a shot of me wearing the cover up.   So, instead I'm sharing a couple of beach photos.

I hoping to work on some unfinished projects this week, including the Anthropologie shirt refashion that I blogged about in August.  I'll also be posting another free pattern giveaway...so stayed tuned.



  1. Welcome back to the snow....lol Hope you had a nice trip.

  2. Ahhh - must be nice to have warmed up for a bit before facing the rest of the cold weather! (I'm pretending, while looking at your pictures.) Glad that your cover-up passed all the tests! It's so annoying to think that you have created the perfect garment, only to find out that it doesn't pass muster in real life.

  3. Welcome back! Your pics remind me of Maui! Beautiful white sand beaches. So nice to hear your cover-up passed all the tests.