Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy sewing

Ever have one of those time periods where you spend alot of time on sewing related tasks but you never actually do any sewing. For the past two weeks I've been reading sewing books, perusing the latest issues of Vogue Patterns and Burda Style and checking out everyone else's projects on various sewing blogs. Getting lots of inspiration, but not alot of sewing going on.

I am particularly inspired by a number of bloggers who are into vintage sewing. It's amazing to see patterns of the past adapted to today's looks. is one of the bloggers I've stumbled across. I love how she creates retro garments, all for less than $25.00. At the Pins and Needles blog I oohed and aahed at the great vintage shirt project It never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent there is out here in blog land.

Another contributing factor to my lack of sewing has been the fact that I haven't been home much. After getting back from Spain, we had a few days at home and then we headed out to British Columbia for a family reunion. For me it wasn't really a "reunion" as there were a number of cousins that I met for the first time (that is if you don't count meeting via Facebook). We had a great time and even had the opportunity to climb the family know you've married a hillbilly when the family has their own mountain. After that we headed out to St John's Newfoundland, and then back to Alberta where we spent some time hiking in Banff.

The coming weeks look equally busy. Mid August I'm walking the Reykjavik Marathon in Iceland and I'm also headed to Toronto for a business trip at the end of July. I hear there's some great fabric stores in the garment district of Toronto. If anyone in blog land has any recommendations, let me know.

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Hi Christiana - I know just how you feel - I can fritter away hours, no make that days, on sewing related activities that don't involve actual sewing!! I'm very impressed that you are planning to walk a Marathon in Reykjavik - and I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. With all that travel, who has time to sew? That is what winter is for, tho' I never think far enough ahead to sew things for summer then. I've only been on one trip and I am still having a hard time getting anything done at home.
    Reykjavik was great. Are you travelling to other places in Iceland as well?
    Enjoy your fun summer!

  3. Hi Christiana,
    We're just back from Iceland and I DID find a fabric store in Reykjavik that is definitely worth visiting! I've reviewed it here:
    and I'll be posting pictures from our trip on my blog for the next week or so (
    Good luck with your marathon and I hope you enjoy Iceland! :)
    Take care,

  4. Have fun! You'll have plenty of time to sew before you know it.